At Agartha Company s.r.o., we always make sure that our services have a professional value.

We deliver hardware and software to all corners of the European Union.

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Familiarize yourself with our product portfolio (go to the link - shop now), if you find a product you are interested in, or if you do not find what you are interested in, there is nothing easier than writing to us.

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If you find a product in our catalog that you are interested in, send us your request and we will reprice the product to your best purchase price.

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If we mutually agree on the purchase price, the logistics fee - we will take care of everything and you can expect your goods in the next few days.

For us, the obstacle is not a problem, but a solution.
  • Hardware supplies
  • Software supplies
  • Components for smart home
  • Website creation

Czech, Slovak, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Italy and more ….

The price of services cannot be determined without specific demand, but we always find the best service and goods at the lowest price for your satisfaction.

If you are looking for new sales channels, we are happy to establish business cooperation with you.

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HW delivers EU

We supply PC, notebooks, servers, components, monitors, hard drives, etc.


We can provide you with e.g. Total Commander, MyFox, WINRAR and many others ….

Smart electronics componentsTOP

We can supply you with components for the automated management of your home or building.

Antivirus solutions BEST

In our assortment you will find only the most prestigious antivirus solutions from BitDefender, Norton, AVAST, AVG, ESET

accounting processing CZ

We process accounting in the POHODA accounting system

web administration EU

Save your precious time by uploading data to your website daily.

It was 2016 and Agartha Company s.r.o. started activities to connect manufacturers and sellers.

„He who does not dare the impossible will never achieve the possible“

Michal Bajgar and David Tilleczek CEO

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